The soybean inoculant that increases yield & produces solid returns!

Your Decision is Easy

With most growers experiencing a 3 bu/acre or better yield improvement with America’s Best Inoculant® and some experiencing up to 14 bu/acre, the decision to use a soybean inoculant this season is an easy one. and, it only costs pennies per acre to inoculate with America’s Best Inoculant®.

Can you afford to miss that much
increased profit?

  • Triple stack Rhizobia strain package for top yield responses
  • Developed by the best minds in Rhizobium genetics
  • Backed by research and scientifically proven by test plot results
  • Adaptable to multiple soil types and
    planting conditions
  • Fast, easy application
  • Compatible with many common seed treatments
Calculate Your Profits
A $2 per acre investment in America’s Best Inoculant® can yield a $73 per acre profit. Use the calculator below to calculate your potential profits:
# of Soybean
acres on your farm
bu/acre average
yield improvement with America's Best Inoculant®*
market price/bu
= $ .00 your profit increase
Increase Profits
Increasing Profits
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