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America's Best Inoculant®, made in the USA, was developed by the leading authority of Soybean inoculants and made with a unique blend of effective rhizobia strains that allow for performance under a wide variety of soils. America's Best Inoculant has been found in recent replicated trials to be adaptable to many different types of soils and soil compounds. Our product will work with the proper handling, application and conditions.

Brief observations about America's Best Inoculant®:

  • Can increase soybean yield from 5-25 percent.
  • Triple stack Rhizobia strain package for top yield responses
  • Developed by the best minds in rhizobium genetics.
  • Backed by research and scientifically proven test plot results.
  • Adaptable to multiple soil types and conditions.
  • Fast, easy application.
  • Compatible with other seed treatments.
  • Available in humus-based or non-gel liquid formulations.
  • Contains no GMOs.

America's Best Inoculant® is available for soybeans, alfalfa/clover, peas/lentils and gardens.


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